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Complete 3D Solution

Working with 3D Printing Cornwall , who holds a wealth of knowledge in a variety of 3D printing disciplines. In addition to providing a custom 3D printing service, we can offer professional training, support and maintenance programmes. User manuals and instructions aside, you cannot compete with personal support from industry professionals.

From intricate prototypes to large industrial components, we can help your business. Furthermore, 3D Printing Cornwall can simplify the complexities of 3D printing and assist with any type of project, large or small.


We can help you with advanced prototyping and finished products

The first step is to contact us. We are happy to discuss your 3D printing project in detail before providing a quotation. We will need a 3D CAD file. The most common format being an STL file. Place the file(s) in a zip folder and send it across to us. 
We will select the most appropriate 3D printer to create your product and ensure it is running at optimum performance. Quality is important to us – that’s why your product will be checked thoroughly before packaging.
And finally, your order is dispatched to its destination.

3D Printer Vases


Discover the benefits of our 3D scanning service. A fast and precise way to digitise physical objects

3D scanning can be applied at all stages of product development including prototyping, inspection and manufacturing.

We can 3D scan artefacts of any kind from historical findings to household items. A fast and accurate process with considerable cost savings compared to other methods. In addition to our 3D scanning service, we can 3D Print your products in your desired colour and material.

We would be delighted to discuss your 3D scanning requirements. Head over to our contact page to make an enquiry.

3D scanning is very useful for:

  • Reverse engineering

  • Prototyping and design

  • Inspections

  • Digital archives

  • Manufacturing

  • Restoration

  • Historical findings

  • Data analysis


We have the knowledge and expertise to support you with any technical problems you are experiencing

In addition to providing remote assistance via telephone, email or video call, we can visit your premises and help you personally.

Firstly, we will try to diagnose the problem remotely which will save you time and money. If the problem is of a complex nature and cannot be resolved remotely, we can organise a maintenance visit as soon as possible to resolve the problem.

Due to our network of 3D printing contacts, we can order replacement parts at reasonable prices and install the parts for you. Rest assured, your printer will be in the best hands.

  • Remote support and advice

  • Maintenance visits

  • Equipment installations

  • Replacement parts



For new and existing users of 3D printing technology

Whether you are individual or an organisation, we can tailor our training services to suit your printing needs. Courses are delivered by knowledgeable and friendly tutors, who will guide you through the entire printing process.
We can teach you the fundamentals of 3D printing and increase your build efficiency. Additionally, we have several materials here at 3DPC for you to experiment with, including premium filaments!
Whether you’re a school, college or club, there has never been a better time to bring a new technology into the classroom. 3D printing can be applied to almost every subject, including science, mathematics and geography

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